8 Insane Benefits of 3D Printing

Technological progress has introduced 3D printing to the world. This is not just any other technology since it allows you to make fun, useful and exciting objects. You can find 3D printing around you. The technique is used in automotive industry, packaging industry, health care and aircraft. Given below are a few benefits of the technique.


The conventional methods of prototyping cost more. With 3D printers, you can make tools and parts via additive manufacturing without spending an arm and a leg. For instance, 3D printing allows the production of cheap surgical tools, such as forceps, clamps, scalpel handles and hemostats, just to name a few.

Mitigate Risk

Keep in mind that if you are going to build a project, what you can do is 3D print a prototype first prior to buying a costly molding tool. This way you can get it redesigned or modify the current mold if needed. Making a prototype that is production ready builds your confidence so you can make large investments.

Quick production

3D printing takes a few hours. As soon as the design is ready, you can convert it into a printer readable file and get it printed. The great thing is that this process requires zero intervention. It’s fast. There will be no wait and the product can be marketed easily. Aside from this, redesigning the prototypes is a quick process.


Industries produce their products in large quantities, which mean that the products make use of the same mold. Moreover, their shape and design is similar to that of the assembly line. However, in case of 3D printing, it is possible to personalize something through the tweaking of the prototype based on your needs.


In the conventional industrial manufacturing, it takes less time, cost and labor to produce tools. For low volume applications in industries, the process requires fewer resources. As a result, you save time, labor and cost.

New structures and shapes

The conventional methods of manufacturing depend on cutting and molding techniques in order to produce the desired shape. Before the addition of holes to change direction, square internal cavities or unrealistic overhangs are hard to achieve; however, 3D printing modifications are easy to make. The nozzle of the 3D printers allows you to build numerous figures and shapes. The fact of the matter is that 3D printing is used to make medical implants that look like skulls, bones, jewelry and other similar things.

Diverse material

For production on a large scale, mixing of raw materials is not a good idea since it costs a lot. Aside from this, the chemical and physical properties is hard to mix in the conventional methods. The 3D printing is in-progress in this area then. The fact of the matter is that this type of printing is compatible with different types of materials, such as glass, metals, silver, gold, food, biomaterials and paper, just to name a few.

Better quality

If you bake a cake following the recipe, the result will be a lip-smacking cake. On the other hand, if you have no idea how to bake, your cake may have some air bubbles, thickness or a different texture. But with this new technique, you will have better control of the final shape of the cake.